Ikepod is a legend

Its creativity and disruptiveness have inspired many. Found among the world’s most beautiful collections, it can also be seen around amateur wrists - the kind who own only a single watch because of its uniqueness and design aesthetics.

Authentic fans of watchmaking

Born with horological passion in our soul, we found beauty in every shape and form of artwork. From Paul Newman’s Rolex to a Don’t Be Too Late Swatch. Whether quartz or mechanical. We loved it all. From one crisis to the next, the world is changing and so must we. We are passionate, if a bit geeky. And if we bet our entire life savings on a dream, it’s because Ikepod must survive. It must keep going and changing in order to evolve.

IKEPOD watch | Chronowatch | Black model



Christian-Louis has become an expert of luxury having passed through the watchmaking world with Richemont, pearls and diamonds with Golay Buchel & cie and other luxury brand executive positions.

“A big fan of Ikepod since 1994, I’m fulfilling my watchmaking dream by putting all my dedication, energy and experience of the luxury market into the renaissance of the brand.”

IKEPOD watch | Chronowatch | Black model


Serial entrepreneur

Guillaume comes from from a background of COO positions in design, tableware and gaming licences. He is a multi-entrepreneur resolutely committed to creating value and the rebirth of the brand.

“Living in the Swiss Watch Valley, bringing back the Ikepod seemed to me an obvious decision to share the Ikepod legend with as many as possible."

IKEPOD watch | Chronowatch | Black model


The math guy

A CFO to the core, Rena has managed family offices and now devotes himself to his passions.

“The passion for excellence in excellent design is what reinvigorates the mundane and inspires me; we are going to propose the most stunning watch of the last quarter of a century.”

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