For things to remain the same they must inevitably change

The original design of the creator of the brand remains the same. Just optimized in watch engineering to propose you an affordable price. To rationalize to create an accessible timepiece is our mission and here the Ikepod saga.


Ikepod comes out with temporal objects based on novel engineering and design concepts. A true innovative force in the horology world, Ikepod launches several trends of the forecoming decade (watch sizes, borderline high -end luxury pricing, artisanal limited small series).

IKEPOD watch | Chronowatch | Black model
IKEPOD watch | Chronowatch | Black model
IKEPOD watch | Chronowatch | Black model


In 2008, after many up and downs, and with the watch industry bubble about to burst, Ikepod releases even pricier and more exclusive collections including gold and platinum pieces. In 2012, notwithstanding its extensive global retail presence (Colette, Westime, The Hour Glass), the brand is put to rest but Ikepod remain in the heart and collection of all watch design passionate.

IKEPOD watch | Chronowatch | Black model


To revive a legend and make it accessible to those who once loved, desired, and coveted it. And let a brand new generation of admirers discover it.

IKEPOD watch | Chronowatch | Black model

April 2017

The brand is purchased by a group of passionate watch lovers.

IKEPOD watch | Chronowatch | Black model

May 2017

Cost-optimization research begins. Less and more.

IKEPOD watch | Chronowatch | Black model

September 2017

Emmanuel Gueit, a famous Swiss design superstar, begins work on the new Ikepod dials. Inspired by the history, but still inherently a watch designer’s design, Ikepods are now accessible to both watch aficionados and geeks.

IKEPOD watch | Chronowatch | Black model

October 2017 - January 2018

3D Rendering, New website, prototyping


IKEPOD watch

February 2018

First functionnal prototypes.

September 2018

Crowdfunding campaign.

March 2019

First deliveries.

The IKEPOD's campaign on Kickstarter is launched

Be part of the Ikepod's rebirth !