Kanye West & IKEPOD

In the end of the 90ies many tech moguls and designers / architects were wearing an Ikepod, it was well known to be the design watch of the one who did not wear one. This is always fun to notice some famous people in “Hodinkee talks” to mention their love for first Ikepod like Tony Fadell did in 2016. Gen1 were adored by fashion people and watch lovers who wanted to wear something different.

Gen2 were more the watches of billionaires and celebrities as the owner (2008-2017) was one himself.

Last April Kayne West was doing the cover of GQ in his Wyoming ranch… wearing a gold Ikepod on the wrist. Instagram Experts were arguing it could be a grande date and not a Hemipode chrono. We will sort this out one day… as we are so proud that the Dad Shoes Godfather is also wearing a gen3 Ikepod. Yes Steven Smith the artistic director of Yeezy is also part of the club. We are gifted!

Picture courtesy of GQ.