Its creativity and disruptiveness have inspired many...


Born with horological passion in our soul, we found beauty in every shape and form of artwork. From Paul Newman’s Rolex to a Don’t Be Too Late Swatch. Whether quartz or mechanical. We loved it all. From one crisis to the next, the world is changing and so must we.

We are passionate, if a bit geeky. And if we bet our entire life savings on a dream, it’s because Ikepod must survive. It must keep going and changing in order to evolve.


Christian-Louis has become an expert of luxury having passed through the watchmaking world with Richemont, pearls and diamonds with Golay Buchel & cie and other luxury brand executive positions. “A big fan of Ikepod since 1994, I’m fulfilling my watchmaking dream by putting all my dedication, energy and experience of the luxury market into the renaissance of the brand.

When the brand was put to rest in 2012 many were inspired by Ikepod or still fans.

To take it over in 2017 was a dream which became reality with the Kickstarter relaunch in 2018.

Ikepod is a design brand, an house for designers, and I always found ikepod watches sublime but a bit exclusive in term of pricing. The idea is to offer time machines with a strong designer and DNA, now affordable. 25 years ago it was possible to buy a luxury watch with your first salaries, nowadays our mission is to offer your value for money, great quality and iconic design.

We still have many projects and some surprises, stay tuned! “


Ikepod is the registered trade mark for the Dopeki Sarl company in Rue de l'Athénée 40, Geneva, Switzerland. We are a start-up company, almost a micro-brand and what you see here is the result of an entrepreneurial adventure. All rights reserved 2020.

We rely on a Hong Kong workshop famous for supplying all the luxury watch brands and directed by a Franco-Suisse national who has lived on-site for 30 years. The team in Europe is comprised of a few permanent employees, free-lancers, local enterprises, agents and distributors who have the vocation to remain faithful to their roots and to their values.




The renowned designer, who has since become CEO of a jewelry brand, worked for the best. At 25 he transformed the Royal oak into Offshore chrono, one of the most emblematic pieces of the last century. When it came to redesigning the dials of another iconic piece, Emmanuel Gueit was the most obvious choice. He drew the Duopod and Chonopod dials in style.



Having long worked for the world's number one luxury watchmaking group, Alexandre is now a consultant and a lecturer in design in Geneva. He accepted to revive the Ikepod legend by redesigning the original Megapod automatic watch DNA in a design which is sublimely and resolutely modern.