1 9 9 4   I K E + P O D

The fusion of IKE + POD was the symbiosis of a dynamic duo and the resulting Seaslug, a dive watch. The Ikepod style markers emerged: organic forms and “lugless”. POD was the original brand, evolved to Ikepod in 1994

1 9 9 9 - 2 0 0 6   C U L T

The Ikepod cult develops around the world in the high luxury segment in the best watch boutiques, (Hour Glass, Chronopassion). The factory is located in Bassecourt CH.

1 9 9 8   H E M I P O D E

The « chef d’oeuvre » is created paying tribute to a lot of 70ies watches with the “lugless” concept. Visionary in the watchmaking world, Ikepod unleashed several trends during the 1990s including large diameter watches, exclusive limited editions and a return to true craftsmanship, each timepiece being a work of art.

2 0 0 8 - 2 0 1 2 
T H E   L E G E N D

After some ups and downs the watches are modified (including a new logo) and assembled in a small workshop in Gland, only precious materials as used, like titanium, gold and platinium. Produced in very small number really are and exclusive.

2 0 1 7   N O W   T H E   R E V I V A L

The brand is realunched by new owners at affordable prices. Gen 3 watches are still and forever Time Machines.



1 9 9 4 - 2 0 0 6

Two guys met in a furniture fair and decide to make watches. Two ET's in the watchmaking business. They invented the concept watches ten years before all other independent brands. In 1994 the Ikepod watches in Zurich register the brand POD and begin the production of a diver watch with an unique look. The first POD are produced. Prices are from CHF 1 500 to 15 000. On average 5 000.

1 9 9 6   S E A S L U G

A real rupture in the diving watch.

The watch loved by early fans. We fell the admiration for different time zones, that will be like a motto in many Ikepod watches with GMT or 24 hours function.

1 9 9 7

The chef d’oeuvre is launched.

Hemipode appears on the watch market like an UFO. Big size with 46 and 47mm and especially with big dial opening the watches appeared really big, only Panerai at this time was on the market with 47mm. A blast into the horology market!

Assembled by the top, the rotor is visible through a small “Hublot”, the watches are fitted with ETA 7750 plus bespoke modules.

1 9 9 9   M E G A P O D E   C H R O N O 

The Perfect flight tool is launched. 7750 plus date module. Inner ring for calculations.

NB : the straps shown here are no longer in collection, they are “vintage straps” which design was took over in 2014 by a big electronic company.

2 0 0 1   M A N A T E E

A rectangular shape with integrated strap.

2 0 0 2   T H E    P L A T Y P U S

Square Chronometer watch.

2 0 0 2   M E G A P O D E 

Automatic date.

Gen1 watches equipped with “vintage straps” by default, strap no more available in collection.

Then we have some iterations and many limited editions, Grand date, Dual Time are launched with success.

2 0 0 8 - 2 0 1 2 

T H E   L E G E N D S

After the technical bankruptcy Ikepod is took over with a part of the team and with one of the founder (the designer) in the team as consultant. The brand is relaunched with precious material and higher prices. (from CHF 6 000 to 50 000, 12 000 on average) New products are introduced.

2 0 0 8    H O R I Z O N

A pure re-design of the Ufo with a new logo.

2 0 0 8   S O L A R I S

Poetry. Two movements, two time zones. A great inspiration from the past, either Lip and Dieter Rams and a design gesture for the future of the connected world. Produced in less than 300 copies, the Solaris is like an good bye of the brand.

2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 2 

Great artist collabs


Future auction stars. Launched at Colette Paris, a great work done by Kaws X Ikepod. Future auction stars like all artwork of Brian Donnelly. Less than 120 produced.
See Phillips Refresh auction results here.


Number one best selling artist in the world at this time (2010)

10 watches in Platinium plus Titanium limited edition.

The proceeds from this model “Canonballs” were transferred to the Koons Family Institute, a branch of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Jeff Koons X Ikepod 2010.

2 0 1 7 - 2 0 2 0 

Duopod & Chronopod quartz, Megapod Automatic are part of the revival, more to come Original logo is now back on Ikepods new models.

S O M E   M U SE U M   P I E C E S 

It could be strange to qualify Gen1 an Gen2 Ikepods of vintages watches or of Museum watches. On our side we really believe that they are pieces of art, especially Gen2, pure objects of design.

All Ikepod are not represented in this document, only the one we have with us in our company Museum.

So for example you will not find the Cunningham chrono, or the Wallpaper edition or Dubai special issues, Marcus specials etc. This is just an attempt of sharing our passion for the brand and to make a virtual exhibition. We know that some of you are nostalgic of Gen1 and Gen2, when we bought the brand around 350 NOS (New Old Stock) watches were available around the globe, now on Chrono24 we can only see 40 on average, so the passion is back!

This 39mm 1987 Small POD Watch is made from stainless steel with two hands and a battery-powered quartz movement. One of the two first watch designed by the brand creator.
Seaslug POD number 001 dark dial.The First Ikepod watch sold in 1993 or 1994. Rare variant no date, no chronometer. Screw Down Crown
Seaslug POD date no Chronometer, Dark grey dial. (Private collection). A rare variant with its POD strap. Screw Down crown, circa 1994-95
Seaslug POD Chronometer (cosc) with date and screw down crown. Light grey dial. Circa 1998.
IKEPOD Seaslug, Chronometer cosc, date, and NOT screw down crown. Ikepod Seaslug were without “couronne vissée” while Pod were. ETA 2893 -2 Automatic mouvement, watch limited to 9999 models in steel (never all produced)
VERY RARE pockect watch circa 1997 Only 10 done even if numbered on 99 Special request of a distributor (blue protective film still on it) Rochat & sons rattrapante chrono movement
Very rare POD Chrono rattrapante circa 1996 Limited to 99, very few known on the market, not sur all produced Rochat & Sons Chrono movement
Hemipode Chronometer limited serie of 9999, COSC certified. 44MM. 7750. La Joux-Perret 8260-1 movement gmt.
Isopode Chronometer, limited serie of 9999, COSC certified. 2894-2 or 2892 with Dubois Depraz module.
Hemipode Chronometer limited serie of 9999, COSC certified. 44MM on stainless steel strap, silver dial.
Hemipode Chronometer limited serie of 9999, COSC certified. 44MM on stainless steel strap, black dial.
GRANDE DATE Hemipode, 2892-A2 plus Dubois Depraz Module 4500, limted serie of 9999 watches. Cosc chronometer certified. On SS strap.
GRANDE DATE Hemipode, 2892-A2 plus Dubois Depraz Module 4500, limted serie of 9999 watches. Cosc chronometer certified. On silicone TPE strap.
GRANDE DATE Hemipode, 2892-A2 plus Dubois Depraz Module 4500, limted serie of 9999 watches. Cosc chronometer certified. On silicone TPE strap. Black diamonds setting on assembly ring.
GRANDE DATE Hemipode, 2892-A2 or 2892 plus Dubois Depraz Module 4500, limted serie of 9999 watches. Cosc chronometer certified.. WHITE DIAL
Another GRANDE DATE PANDA DIAL. Dubois Depraz 4005.
FULL BLACK GRAND DATE bronze & outlined bronze hands. Grande Date have long seconds hands.
MEGAPODE 47MM Flight chrono Cosc chronometer Chrono second hand with a plane on it. (dial engraved “limited edition")
MEGAPODE 47MM Flight chrono Cosc Chronometer. La Joux-Perret movement number 8103 24dt
MEGAPODE 47MM Flight chrono Cosc Chronometer. Please take car as they are some fake watches that can be easily spotted with crown and buttons not on the same place.
MEGAPODE 47MM Flight chrono Cosc Chronometer. Grey “limited edition »
Manatee Chronometer GMT with Cities names (2001)
Manatee Chronometer GMT with guilloche dial
One of the color variant of Manatee Chronometer GMT
The blue dial or Manatee
A platted version of Manatee. 2892-A2 .
Manatee strap were integrated in the case and required attention
A strange Platypus, chronometer based on ETA 2761. (2001)
Platted version called Wombat
Wombat red version 32 x 32 mm
An Hemipode Week planner 43mm (2002) "ETA 2892" plus Dubois Depraz module
ISOPODE Dual Time GMT date; black dial. (2003)
ISOPODE Dual Time White dial
Megapode date COSC, 46mm white dial (2002)
Megapode Chronometer grey dial
Megapode black dial
Megapod Automatic blue dial
Megapode red brique dial. 7 colors were available.
Potoroo Dubois Depraz 5133 Chronomter, Date, Day, Month. Limited edition of 99. Only gold and platinium.
Horizon prototype, 2006, 44mm. New cases, crowns, and dials. The less open dial make the watches feels smaller than Gen1
Gold Solaris SYG 82 on Gold strap 2010
Solaris SCB 12 black on grey Milanese strap
Solaris SCB31 White and black ceramic
Solaris SCB18, usually seen with gold straps, gold index
Solaris SCB 12 white on grey Milanese strap
KAWS HTTK. Red face. Hour hand is the one with white sign. It is 10h10.
HHTJK, Jeff koons Canonballs. Titanium version
Horizon HHR 40 2012, gold, from a private collection. Lucky number.
Horizon HHR 50 2012, Gold from a private collection. Lucky numbers.
Horizon last versions of dials 2012. All fitted with ETA 2892
Horizon special dial for a Swedish retailer.
Horizon HHTB10. All black version
HHP 10 VIP version sold with a special box and a look book.