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Found among the world’s most beautiful collections, it can also be seen around amateur wrists -
the kind who own only a single watch because of its uniqueness and design aesthetics.

The Ikepod : a legend of
contemporary watchmaking

Ikepod has always had a history of being outrageously creative.
It was known as the rebel independent of the watchmaking world
which dared to challenge the status quo and inspire trends in watchmaking design.

Today's Ikepods uphold this reputation, remaining true to their DNA but
with this time a new challenge : Keep the style, keep the quality, but rationalize the price.
A new luxury watch made affordable. Modern watchmaking has sailed on the success
of its same old designs in expensive packages for long enough. New designs and new concepts for timepieces are needed.

The Ikepod's original designer was premonitory in introducing
the first concept watches in the 90s. And now the Ikepod legend lives on through
our mission to introduce these watches to new generations.
Quartz or automatic, unisex, silicon bracelets, unique look,
the Ikepod is a watch which asserts your style. Because taste is not a
question of price.

Ikepod is the vintage watch from the future..

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New museum section on our website

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