We regularly receive this question: What is the ideal Ikepod collection?

We are tempted to reply: the one that gives you pleasure. However, from our point of view, there are some watches that we prefer.

Another common question is: if you had to keep only one Ikepod, which one would it be? Our response might be biased, but perhaps the Gen3 Seapod bronze prototype (only 5 were made, and only 3 are "alive") as it represents an improved evolution of the concept. Nevertheless, a collection is more than just one watch.

if there was only one Bronze Seapod prototype (non GMT, daily wear of Ikepod owner)

So, if you want to create the perfect collection in our eyes—assuming that some pieces cannot be found NOS and some are too rare to be bought (just like there are only 36 Ferrari 250 GTOs)—here's our guide with some rating : *** is easy to find, ** complex, * nearly impossible

    1. Seaslug POD: A very early production of the Seaslug, circa 1995, with POD on the dial and a screwed-down crown. *
    2. Hemipode Chrono Wallpaper: Or another Gen1 Hemipode of your choice. You can pick any ! ***
    3. Manatee Blue or White Dial: The rectangle watch that is totally insane with its rubber strap going through the case. Red and yellow dial are cool too. **
    4. Megapode Chrono Blue Dial: To be "mainstream" and own the watch favored by designers and tech moguls. ***


5. Horizon Grey Dial: For us, the pinnacle of Ikepod design. A pure design object, close to art with Vasarely inspirations.  And you can also add a gen1 titanium bracelet on it !! **
6. Solaris Black Ceramic Case: A case study and a total preview of the future of connected watches. All other colors could be found **
7. Hemipode Titanium: Undoubtedly the perfect daily combo of proportion and material. *

8. Horizon Kaws (choose your dial color): Insanely beautiful dial, a perfect bet in 2012 on the future. **
9. Horizon Koons: Where design meets art with life allegories and next level signification with a top 10 living artist. *

10. Hemipode gold black dial. The most ever beautiful Ikepod. Full stop. *

11. An hourglass signed Ikepod. One hour is the best even if complex to handle, 10 minutes is great even if less spectacular. No pictures sorry aahahah *

GEN3  ***

 12. Seapod Designed by Fabrice Gonet: The watch that aligns with Ikepod DNA but takes its independence. Choose the one you prefer! 

So 12 watches and objects, like the 12 indexes of a watch.

And perhaps, Horopod Tom Christopher 2025 (to be released at the end of this year): The new Titanium Swiss-made three-hands watch, with Tom Christopher's art hand-painted and signed by Tom.

We love Gen2 watches first and foremost for their design and artistic content. They are also very rare on the market, more art pieces than design watches and signed by Marc Newson, except for the Kaws and Koons models. 

Few were produced. Yes, we are snobs. Less liquid than Gen1 and really hard to find, Gen2 are our favorite. Gen1 watches are really cool as you can still find good deals on these.