As Sacha Guitry said “predictions are difficult especially for the future” so the content here is just an advice on the Ikepod watches value and you should make your own opinion.
Since 2018 that we relaunch the Ikepod watches value came back to normal level and some did very well due to their rarity. We are working hard to make Ikepod great again.

Go to a dealer, a watch market, Ikepod are rare. This is a fact.
The brand was on rest two times in 2006 and 2012 and produced less watches in 30 years than some luxury brands in one month.
Price indicated are for September 23 state of market and should be taken with precautions. They are indicated for a watch close to New Old stock, with a new pin strap and very few or no sign of wear.

Credit image “Swiss Watch Gang”

Which watch to buy?

RULE Number one: Is the watch replaceable?

If you collect watches for sure you regret something you sold or you did not buy (even more frustrating).So you must apply the same rule to Ikepod. What will I be able to find again on the market and what is not replaceable?

This is so true for gen2 watches. (2008-2012) Gen2 were produced in less than 1,000 watches (around 300+ Solaris, 300 Horizon…)
Gen2 are the pinnacle of Marc Newson design at Ikepod and in term of quality. Titanium cases, well executed like art pieces, design pieces. They are not replaceable for us. Real luxury is scarcity.
Rule number 2 is connected to rule #1

RULE Number two: Don’t miss your chance.

To put you in the picture, if you sell a contemporary luxury steel sport iconic model you can find another the day after, may be not at the same price but market is full of so-called iconic watches as they were produced in thousands. Chrono24, ebay and dealers window are full of “iconic rare” watches and it’s just a matter of trust or price.

For Ikepod this is not the same game. Gen1 were maybe produced in less than 50,000 watches over 10 years. Yes, this is a lot, but compared to one million per year for a “crowned” brand, this is nothing.

So if you think the watch is a good one, do not let it go. May be the price is high compared to 5 years ago but times when Ikepod  gen1 were under 2000 CHF is finished now. Prefer a watch with no missing parts, in perfect condition. (a service for gen1 is 700 CHF and parts are rare)


Number one favorite

The Hemipode gold gen2. Case manufactured by “Chatelain”, very few produced

Ikepod gen 2 with hemipode bird logo engraved on the sapphire

The perfect look for an Ikepod, 4 dials and the mix of gold plus rubber is just insane.So rare, expect to pay between 20 and 25 k on the current market. Not replaceable.
(a gen 1 will be 15-20k) Take care the Gold finishing cannot be polished. Pushers could be lost during service so contact us, we will put in independent skilled hands.

Number two favorite

The Horizon grey dial gen2. Titanium case produced in Gland by pro-fusion a company now taken over by a big group. 66 produced in pale grey and in black. Also in blue, dark grey, and other colors.

The combo above is a mix of titanium gen1 bracelet and gen2 Horizon. Rare and valuable. This is “Mr. Enthusiast” version lol. An elegant mix of gen2 and gen1
Well, 8 to 15K. the pinnacle of Marc Newson design.


The Megapode Chrono. Worn by Max Büsser and many others tech moguls, this is the “easiest Ikepod”.
Gen2 are rare and out of reach and rare.
Gen1 can be found, some were forgotten in Middle East boutiques inventory and could pop up sometimes.

Busy dial, slide rule, a statement piece, recognized at first sight as an Ikepod, the number one favorite for many ikepod fans. May be you cand a special one a UAE edition for example, beautiful black dial.
We did the Skypod with the same movement in 2022. 
From 3 to 9K depending on content, if you have box and papers and cosc or not etc…If NOS 8-10 K

Number 4 favorite.

Hemipode gen1

More easy to find than rare gen2, with framed Ikepod logo on the dial. (and not the bird on the sapphire)
Many versions with grande date or without, a very pure design playing with panda and reverse panda codes.

Avoid the bezels with diamonds, and be sure you have the pin strap with the watch. We still have some but less and less. We do not like Cunningham and Thunderbird but they are good for automotives lovers especially in the USA where they have success.

The wallpaper limited edition is SO CHIC. (just a press / trends geek thing as in the 2000ies Wallpaper was THE design magazine) From 2 to 10 K, all is about NOS or not, complete set, provenance, history. So here you have to be careful and not overpaying a watch. Consider all you have or not.

2 k is for a watch scratched withoutbox and papers 10K for one NOS with cosc and box. (Gold 15K)

Marc Gysin photo


The Seaslug

A fantastic design in 39mm (may be too small for us) An incredible flat and clear sapphire.
The first ever watch produced by Ikepod (POD dials on the first ones)

The easiest Ikepod to fin at a good price. You can source one perfect from 3000 CHF on the web.

What to buy as an investment?

For sure, you must buy what you love and could wear one day if value collapse. But to be honest, if you buy only what you love, it could be not what the market love.

Many Patek unsold in the 70’s are now over a million. For sure, now we love them. The customers of tomorrow does not have your taste.

KAWS will be the one, the mix is perfect between Marc Newson design and an artist who is becoming increasingly bankable. Only 120 produced. Many remained unsold and are mint untouched, new old stock.

Gen2 are the future cool thing. Niche but prices will increase.

Gen3 now on our website could be still there, unsold, do we know if the Red Megapode produced in 50 models will be a collectible one day? 99% of gen3 are bought to be worn, very few to be collected and kept. But look, some are discontinued, and they are produced in very small quantities, if you bought one you can see the numbers at the back, really small quantities. 

The hour glass

It’s not a secret that the Hour glasses are now sold by another company. But if your find an early IKEPOD hour glass, (signed Ikepod instead of Marc Newson) this is really cool, very few were produced and it’s art, design, totally out of the watch market. Ikepod was the first and only brand to propose a “sablier” at 25K CHF with nanoballs. 



Again second time zone Newson obsession and a great design. Back to the 2000ies this watch was so successful. Very rare NOS on the market.

The strap is integrated and “cross” the case. We can source some if needed.
From 4 to 8 K depending of full ser or not. (was 1,5 K one year ago)

Geek Choice

The Solaris is the last watch designed by Marc Newson for Ikepod. A kind or Reverso with two faces and two movements. Something (still) very complex to produce and wear as this is really a special piece.

If you collect early Apple computer, if you drive Tesla, if you played with a game buy younger, this a watch for you. 

Picture courtesy of a Collected man

The non mainstream.

The Megapode 3 hands date is not the preferred Ikepod watch. We must admit we love it as it was produced in many colors and it inspired a lot our 2020 Megapode. For us it was a strong marker of these years and even if it has not 4 sub dials this is an important watch for Ikepod and also not easy to find as the people who wear them like and keep their watches.


Kaws is the investment number one, if you see one in auction buy it as they are always under there real price. (auctionners do not yet understand the value of Ikepod and the market is not enough liquid for them to make a business of it)

If you find a POD dial/watch, this is interesting for long term value (more than 10 years)
We hope you liked the article, even in auction we are not immune to an accident or very good buy as an auction house sold a Kaws for 9K this year in HK. (Sapphire scratched and on replaceable) 

So keep an eye on auctions, there are still some room to make a good deal.