New museum section on our website

For the Ikepod lovers and the one who discover the brand there is place where to see some vintage NOS models (New Old Stock).

This models are the one we bought with the brand in 2017 and were part of the “Ikepod Museum”. Apart two gold watches that are owned in a Japanese private collection we keep them with love in a Swiss Safe.

This section is the opportunity to share with you some knowledge and history of the brand. Ikepod collectors call 1994 -2006 period watches “Gen1” and 2008-2012 period Gen2. All Gen1 and Gen2 are Swiss Made and now par of the history of independent brands and watchmaking. We will add some when a collector accepts to lend us a rare piece and also when we are able to buy some vintage models.

We only present here NOS watches, unworn, so you will not see our personal Ikepods or some of collectors that we publish on our Facebook dedicated section.