One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Ikepod is about the size of a watch from our collection. When looking at watch size, we actually speak in millimeters. Indeed, the unique Ikepod watch design means knowing how to measure a watch matters more than for timepieces. In keeping with the original designer’s aesthetic, the Ikepod watch case expresses the brand’s UFO aesthetic by not using the lugs construction and integrating the strap into the case. The absence of lugs and the curved back case make Ikepods feel smaller on the wrist than what their measurement in millimeters may imply.

The truth behind the size of a watch 

Historically, Ikepod has always created bigger watches. In 1994, when most watches would average 36mm, Ikepod launched with 46mm watches. 25 years later, the average size for iconic watches is 43mm not counting the lugs. 

So what does a 46mm watch size really mean in the context of Ikepod’s unique UFO style? 

 A few examples: 

  • A 46mm Megapod Ikepod is the equivalent of a 43mm watch with lugs.
  • A 44mm Chronopod Ikepod will appear like a 41mm on the wrist.
  • A 42mm Duopod Ikepod will feel like a 39 mm when worn.

 Millimeter measurements are not science. Without understanding the effects of watch design, they are purely a weak marketing ploy. When comparing watch sizes, it is crucial to measure each timepiece from lugs to lugs, not just the case. In addition, the size of a watch is directly correlated to that of your wrist. Also, when comparing watch size to your wrist size, do so with a measuring tape. 

This way, we understand that a watch without lugs can easily lose around 4mm in size in relation to watches with lugs.

More to consider about watch sizes

The shape of the watch and the size of the lugs count more than we think, but there is more…

The dial’s face contributes visually to the size of the watch. The more « open » the dial, which refers to the space it takes up the box, the bigger the watch will seem, and inversely. Also, a minimalist dial, very design based, will appear much bigger than a dial complete with a number of sub-dials.

The watch’s thickness also contributes to our perception of the size of the watch. A very flat watch design will make it appear bigger than a classic one.  When it comes to Ikepod, the back of the case is curved, this reduces the size of the watch when it sits on the wrist. This intention in watch design also provides a great fit for comfort!

Speaking of experience, all of our clients have mentioned that when unboxing the watch, they realized it was smaller in appearance than they thought.

A final word on watch size

Knowing how to measure a watch is more important than we think. Allow us one last comparison to conclude. The 46 mm Megapod is the total measurement of the watch case (no lugs). The measurement for a regular 42mm watch from another brand only speaks of the case size, now add 8 mm for the lugs. The watch will in fact measure 50 mm in size. We easily understand that the 42mm watch will appear larger on the wrist. We hope we have clarified how to measure a watch and contributed to a better understanding of unique watch designs like that of the Ikepod.