The last month we were so happy to have many good articles on famous websites. May be one of the best ever article on Ikepod could be found on A Collected Man

As you may know this is a great website to buy rare watches and collectables. If you look for a FP Journe Chronomètre Bleu in Tantalum or a rare Patek Calatrava in steel, this is the place to be. (Also many others iconic models of Cartier, Vacheron, Audemars Piguet etc)

We invite you to read this great piece of Ikepod history, well written and documented by Tony Traina. And also to look at some others articles about watch brands history, a must read.

Also we were so proud to be featured in Talking Watches with the one an only Max Busser of MB&F. This very kind person that we consider as the Pope of independent watchmaking present his personal collection to Hodinkee and at minute 6 you can see one of the Megapode chrono owned by Max,  Ikepod is “ a fundamental shift” to him.  We respect so much his work and think the future auctions stars of next decades are his artworks . (Interview by Jack Forster)

And also a cool review on with the famous founder of A Blog To Watch. Really interesting for the pictures comparing a Seapod with a Seaslug. Pictures and text by Ariel Adams